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who we are

The team is a custom software development studio based in Ukrane. The team is made up of highly-qualified and talented software developers each with their own area of expertise. We build applications for individuals, start-ups and well-established businesses.

Our main focus are mobile and web applications development. We also provide all related services, such as back-end development, testing, publishing, analytics, localization, and others.

We’re always looking for new projects and clients, so if you’ve got a good idea, just write to us at

what we do

Mobile Development
Cross Platform
Web Development
Front-end (UI/UX)
Back-end (Servers)
Database Management
Wearables Development
Apple Watch
Android Wear
App Store
Play Store
Amazon Appstore
Quality Assurance
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Quality Control
Maintenance and Support

some of our works

what our clients say

The team is a unique amongst their peers in that they take a creative and thorough approach to their work. I expressed a set of objectives to his team, and he was able to translate those objectives into technical requirements, finally resulting in a web app that works well and meets my needs. The team delighted me by going beyond the basic requirements that so many of their competitors strictly adhere to.

The team saw opportunities for improvement or optimization in our app, and took it upon themselves to make those improvements or optimizations. They take the effort and the time to do things well, which I really appreciate and place a lot of value in. I have already hired them for my next project, and look forward to working with them again.

Ben G.
MenuPoint, CEO

The team defintely has the technical skills and knowledge to develop mobile apps. They rapidly created an MVP for us, which was quite impressive. They were always very prompt to respond and always had an excellent professional attitude. I can only recommend them, and I will continue to work with them on our next products.

Jonathan P.
Kudop LTD team has done a good job on my iOS app. They are a good professionals with attention to details. I can only recommend them.

Benjamin G.

The did an amazing job. Prior to beginning the job we were unsure what to expect. We were afraid that communication and oversight would be difficult with the time change. I will tell you all of our worries/concerns disappeared immediately after working with They are extremely professional and give very specific instructions on what to expect.

The quality of their work is excellent and they makes themself available on an as needed basis. There is no question we will continue to use with our upcoming projects, he made this experience very clear and continues to be extremely helpful. I would without question refer the team without any hesitation.

Brian V.

development process

If you are interested in building an app but don't know where to start, feel free to visit our Process section.

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is a team of professional software developers who build custom mobile and web applications that help your business grow.

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