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SpherEx provides a socially interactive platform that allows people to experience fitness in a whole new way. Whether you are just starting to workout, or have been for years, SpherEx allows you to engage with your friends in a fun and motivating environment.

Users can share workouts, send customized challenges, and search and save any of SpherEx’s many workouts that range from sport specific to general fitness. SpherEx was created specifically to provide a platform to share workouts and challenges to help encourage people to reach their fitness goals. Finding the right workout can be a challenging task… Let SpherEx help!


Create a social platform for iOS devices from the ground up that would encourage people to reach their fitness goals.

Users should be able to access workouts library, create new workouts and challenges, and share them with their buddies.

SpherEx should have all main social features: users should be able to add friends,  comment and  like all possible activities, save workouts to their profiles, share activities and photos to other social networks, and more.

Application should have a feed, where users can see their friends activities, or all activities at SpherEx platform

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iOS Application
API Server
Ruby on Rails
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4 months
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