We are mova.io, and we develop software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

What we do?

We help our clients to set up their own software fast and cheap. Instead of developing large, heavy, and expensive solutions from scratch (which costs $30,000+, and takes 3-6 months), we share our customizable pre-developed mobile and web applications with our customers for a small fee.

You can read more and sign up here: corebase.io. Looking for our old outsourcing landing page? It's here!

What's included?

  • Mobile apps that allow your customers to view and book services, pay for them, leave the reviews, and more.
  • Admin panel, where you, your managers and employee can work together. It can customize your mobile and web apps, allows you to update the services users can book, its prices and business hours. You can manage bookings and reviews, engage with customers, easily notify them about new services or discounts, and even develop your new loyalty programmes.
  • Analytics, which helps you to visualize your business data, most popular services, most productive employee, find weaknesses in the services you provide.

Which types of apps we provide?

Right now we cover needs of service businesses like barbershops, hair salons, beauty studios, and similar.

Currently in development are software solutions for sport-related businesses (e.g. gyms, yoga classes), online-learning platforms, and online stores.

How it works?

You sign up for an account, provide us with initial assets (like your company's logo, colors, and so on), and we generate a mobile application for you (usually it takes around 48 hours). In the meanwhile, you can setup your business though the admin panel: invite your employee, create all the venues, add all the services you provide with all their prices, portfolio pictures, and more. Your customers can start using your apps on average in 4-7 days after registration.

How to start?

You can read more on the landing page for beauty salons and barbershops here: Beauty Salons Software

Or you can sign up straight away here: Create Account.