Building an App Like Uber for Handyman

Call the electrician, repair the faucet or make another small repairs at home, and remove garbage? Some people prefer to do these things on their own, but for someone, it's easier to invite professionals. But where to find them? We have the answer. This is the mobile application "Hadnyman for an hour”.

This article will be interesting for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. We will consider the main issues of how to make apps like Uber for handyman services. So, let’s get started.

Table of contents
  1. Key Features of Apps Like Uber for Handyman Services
  2. How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Uber for Handyman
  3. What You Should Know Before Creating an App like Uber for Handyman
  4. Summary

Global automation and digitization of all existing services, perhaps, has reached its peak. Today, there are no people who are surprised by online food stores, industrial online stores, and other services provided over internet available on desktop, mobile, and other ultra-modern gadgets, designed to relieve life from everyday routine tasks.

Global modernization has not bypassed the consumer services sector. Today, using a smartphone, anyone can open the application, find and read reviews about any specialist or service in general, determine the cost of the service, book it, or view order history.

Reliable app for handyman jobs

Key Features of Apps Like Uber for Handyman Services

If you would like to make an app like Uber for handyman, you need to first think about the features that app will provide from the start. These kind of apps are positioned as a mobile service in the field of personal services, allowing to find executors and customers of work at home or the site. The basic idea is simple - with the help of local handyman app, users can post a small job listing and find masters who are ready to quickly complete the work.

If you are a person who want to create an app like Uber for handyman, then you should decide what main features your app should contain. Here are some of them:

  • Two separate applications. One for a User, and another for a Professional;
  • Registration form, depending on the chosen account type;
  • Location tracking system. This feature allows users to find a handyman nearby, and for professionals to find jobs as close as possible to their location;
  • Types of services, with Search and Filter. This will help to choose the right specialist like a plumber, an electrician, a universal handyman that could help with small household tasks, etc. This will help to narrow the search, and to show only the list of people who can really do the job;
  • Appointments schedule for professionals. Calendar will help handymans to keep track of all the past and future tasks;
  • Rating system will help users to find the best people for the job. And it will also help professionals decide if the job worth the money by viewing user’s rating as well;
  • Suitable payment methods (Credit card or Cash);
  • Useful built-in chat;
  • Orders history;
  • Panic button.

Local handyman app

For specialists:

To become a handyman, any person via registration form need to provide information about his specialization and specify the radius for searching orders. In addition, he should enter work experience (with reviews from previous jobs), phone number and social media profile. Moreover, of course, he needs to have suitable instruments and some free time.

Then user can wait for orders to appear, or search for them actively, by browsing job posts, created by users, and applying for each of them. When a new order is received, the user will receive a notification with all the information about it. If everything is fine, specialist can click the “Take Order” button, discuss the order details with the client if there are additional questions, and make an appointment.

For clients:

In client mode, the user should choose the type of work that needs to be done (cleaning, electricity, or others), provide some details about the task if needed, post some photos of the problem, and decide on the budget. Then he needs to provide some detailed information about the approximate location whether in text form or using a selecting it on the map. Also, he might specify the desired date of visit (right now, at the weekend, etc.).

If the consumer of the service confirms an appointment with the specialist, then the job post should disappear from the search, and the consumer should have the opportunity to mark it as completed later. To do this, he will need a separate screen to click the appropriate button, to track the time, and to add notes if needed. At the same time, any user can evaluate the work of the worker and leave a review when job is done. Another useful app section would be “My Orders”, to view active, future, or past orders, and all the details about them.

Create a handyman services app

If you decided to build an app like Uber for handyman or if you have any questions related to the iOS or Android application development services, contact us. Our main goal is to bring the maximum profit to your business with the well designed and high quality application.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Uber for Handyman

Almost every customer wants to get some fixed cost of development. However, when it comes to applications, it is difficult to point out not only the cost, but even the development time needed to create a product. Everything depends on the number of features of the application, design complexity, targeted platforms, and so on.

The reason for this is that application development is a complex process that involves many technical experts. In fact, the final cost of development depends largely on how many technologies and specialists will be involved in it. Also, the type of application influences the price, and each functional requirement will add percentages to the cost. The more complex the application you need, the higher the final price will be.

What determines how much app like Uber for handyman cost will be:

  • Number of platforms (iOS, Android, or both);
  • The list of functions/screens of the mobile application (for example, main screen, catalog screen, selected news screen, a setup screen, etc.);
  • Type of the device (smartphone, tablet, or both);
  • Portrait or landscape orientation modes;
  • List of back-end requirements;
  • Data storage and additional integration with third-party services;
  • Application testing. It is probably one of the main elements in creating an application that detects all the bugs and errors so that they do not occur to your customers;
  • Project Management. Manager communicates with the customer and leads the development process.

On average, Uber-like apps for handymans start from $14,000 per platform (iOS or Android), or around $22,000 for both platforms (iOS and Android). This solution will cover only the basic needs of a professional and user, and will include:

  • native application (iOS, Android, or both)
  • back-end API server
  • admin panel
  • complete testing of the application
  • core features, like registration, search and filter, creating a new job post, process of applying for a new task, messaging, payments, and review system.

App like Uber for handyman cost

By initiating a mobile application development project, any customer expects to receive a tool for solving specific business problems. Handyman app like Uber should be easy to use, and also able to bring additional profit to the company, consumers and workers, directly or indirectly. As practice shows, such projects often pay off much faster then web applications.

The cost of services for the development of the new handyman app will pay off very quickly, thanks to the competent approach of our specialists to its implementation. The created product will help to stay in touch 24 hours a day with your customers and will form a positive image of the company that cares about its customers.

Mobility underlies the effective development strategy of each enterprise. Development of mobile applications for Android, iOS systems allows you to ease the task and achieve prosperity. So, if you want to create a handyman services app for iPhone, contact us. Our friendly team will provide the best Android or iOS application development services. We are ready to create for you a reliable app for handyman jobs of the highest quality that will help you to attract new customers and workers, reach new markets and increase revenue.

Create a handyman services app for iphone

What You Should Know Before Creating an App like Uber for Handyman

The mobile application market is growing at an accelerated pace, but not all projects are popular among consumers. In order for the final product to be in demand and to justify the investment in it, it is necessary to plan the development, monetization and marketing from the very beginning.

How much time does it take to develop an app like Uber for handyman?

Terms of mobile application development are calculated individually, depending on the uniqueness and functionality of the application, as well as its complexity.

The complexity level depends on the design complexity, number of features, platform option and so on. The exact amount of time to make an app for handyman services is usually negotiated with the customer after all the important points and details of the upcoming work are discussed. Average duration for the development starts from 3 months.

Uber-like app for handymans

What does the development process include?

Development of mobile applications for iOS or Android is a technological process that requires careful planning. Preparation of project documentation and creation of a prototype of the application is an integral and very important part of the project, which, just like programming, requires significant labor costs. The agreed list of requirements allows you to make sure that the customer and the performer speak the same language and equally understand the final result.

If you want to make an app like Uber for handyman, you need to know the main stages of the project development:

  • Analytics, consolidation of functional and non-functional requirements for the project.
  • Specification (writing technical specifications, designing API-interfaces, user scripts).
  • Design (several design options).
  • Development (server solution and mobile application for iOS and Android).
  • Testing and preparation for publication in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Application Publishing.

Why on-demand services app are a good investment in 2019

The pace of modern life does not always allow people to spend time on small home repairs. If a person has money and he has some housework to be done, then why not use the app for to solve the problem, and save time?

The main advantages of the handyman startup idea are:

  • Relatively small capital investment.
  • Ease of entry. A large number of unoccupied niches in this field of activity;
  • Quick payback on the initial investment by taking a small fee for the services.
  • No need for large office space to open a company;
  • Business prospects due to the high demand among the population.
  • Simple marketing: most of the people are happy to pay for help with household repairs;
  • Easy to have a customers feedback, and improve accordingly;
  • Multiple ways to keep existing customers: from push notifications to discounts or loyalty programs.

Create an app for finding a handyman

If you have interesting startup ideas or if you want to make a handyman services app for Android, contact us. Our professional team will develop for you the high quality application that will help you to stand out among the competitors and will promote your business.

When you decided to create an app for finding a handyman, our highly qualified specialists will analyze the existing economy market segment, will thoroughly study the offered product in order to best reflect its advantages. With our experience and your idea, we will be able to come up with the best business plan and monetization strategy possible for your project. After, we will need to work together on wireframes and designs. And then we will be able to start the application development. This will allow from the first days of launching the mobile application to increase the flow of customers and the volume of orders for services significantly.

Handyman app for iOS and Android


The idea of the local handyman app is a really good business opportuity. It allows user to place a job post easily, specifying all the details. And for a professional, it allows to find new orders around given locations at any time. After all, the app is a bridge between the professional and the client. So, if you want to make a handyman services app, you need to be ready to organize enterprise with a network of employees (hire narrow specialists in a particular area in the very beginning) and distribute the challenges among them, taking into account the specifics of the work and the territorial criteria.

Such services are especially in demand in medium and large cities, where there is a large number of employed people, who might not have time to resolve household issues on their own. Instead, they will be looking for services of private universal specialists.

If you want to create a handyman services app, then the best specialists will be happy to help you. With our extensive experience developing mobile applications, our professional team will quickly make a handyman services app like Uber or will help with any other mobile application idea that you have in mind.