How A Construction Business benefits from Mobile Apps

Today, construction companies provide a wide range of services: from pre-construction designs and estimates to actual building. From renovation and expansion, remodelling, and other related services. Regardless of the scale of activities, the criteria for selecting a company remain the same: quality of work, adequate cost of services and transparency of the working process. Construction apps for android can help improve all the services provided in many ways, for both the clients and for the estate company. Let's look at some of them.

Table of contents
  1. Types of Construction Mobile Applications
  2. CAD Design & Drawing
  3. Construction Calculators
  4. Estimating
  5. Construction Site Apps
  6. Project Management
  7. Enhancing workforce efficiency
  8. Maintaining safety level
  9. Finishing projects on time
  10. Better communication process
  11. Boost productivity
  12. Real-time analytics
  13. Ways of Improving Construction Business with Mobile Apps
  14. Summary

Construction calendar app

Types of Construction Mobile Applications

Thanks to modern technologies companies can optimize both the process of communication with the supplier and automate the internal work of the company.Also, they open the door for those people who do not have the natural talents needed to be an engineer. Depending on the type of application, embedded reporting, monitoring, and ordering services will help to increase productivity in the workplace, facilitate company communication and ensure a high level of customer confidence.

About 93% of companies wanted to improve the production and marketing process through the integration of mobile tools and technologies. Therefore, let’s consider the main types of top construction apps that are using in this industry:

CAD Design & Drawing

Today, a modern engineer plays not only the role of an architect and a designer but also a person who creates something new. A person who introduces the latest technology in the creation process and the project itself, which is created by him.

The use of construction estimate app allows increasing the productivity of engineers and builders. This is convenient when you need to find the correct solution in work projects. Also, it is suitable for a multivariate design. After all, there are situations when you need to create several settlement schemes, save the necessary task and share it with colleagues in any way convenient for you (email, messengers or cloud storage).

  • Ability to work with all kinds of computer-aided design files.
  • Ability to configure the app to meet the needs of engineers.
  • The transition from paperwork to digital format.

Mobile apps for construction industry

Construction Calculators

When planning the construction of any building or structure, warehouse, hangar, shop or pavilion, it is necessary to calculate the number of materials that are needed. The construction calculator app is the perfect assistant to help you count all the necessary materials quickly, taking into account the specifics of the work used in production.

  • Ability to measure roof pitch, to calculate the amount of material for concrete structures, check the zone of compression and cracking; and solve other necessary carpenter tasks.
  • Work with trigonometric functions that are so necessary for professional calculations.


Construction cost estimator app could help with the calculations during construction, decoration or repair. By filling out several forms in it, you can calculate the area of the room, the required number of bricks and its cost, the cost of drywall, the number of tiles and glue for it, the number of rolls of wallpaper, the length of the laminate, etc.

  • Ability to sum up the total cost depending on the type of project.
  • Calculator of paint, materials, profit, and additional costs.
  • Accurate estimates of the cost of individual materials.

Construction apps for android

Construction Site Apps

Such an app could be a useful tool for construction management that involves the organization of many important events at the construction site, without which the construction of the house would be impossible. Also, it could include monitoring of the facility construction, technical supervision of the construction process, which consists of quality management, resource management, occupational safety management, etc.

  • Supervision over work stages, management with orders and requests.
  • Management of working process (meetings, tenders and other events).

Project Management

The high-quality building is almost impossible without a clear organization of work, careful attention to orders and documentation. Moreover, for the successful completion of the project, in addition to qualified, motivated employees, the appropriate tools are also needed. They will allow fixing the achieved results and timely customize priorities).

Therefore, the construction bid app could help to:

  • Manage orders, sign appropriate documents, track the working progress, and get feedback.
  • Work with reports and instructions and channelize contractor with a consultant.
If you want to integrate these apps into your business, contact us. company has extensive experience developing construction apps: from on-site managememnt apps to construction invoice app.

Construction cost estimator app

Ways of Improving Construction Business with Mobile Apps

Many building companies should understand that they can remain competitive only by using modern technologies. Having a user-friendly website is not the only way to compete with competitors for your market segment. Building construction apps can also help your employees keep in touch both with each other and with customers. There are some of the main advantages of mobile applications below. This data can be useful both to companies and to individual employees in the building industry.

Here you can find some main benefits of using mobile apps in such business:

Enhancing workforce efficiency

Using one construction plans app can significantly improve the efficiency of many processes. After all, it can perform work monitoring, task scheduling, supply calculation and management. Moreover, it can help improve communication inside and outside the company.

Maintaining safety level

For every business, a high level of confidential data protection and the absence of mistakes in the documentation is very important. The mobile application can cope with these tasks perfectly. These tools eliminate employee errors and automate the process of collecting important data with the proper level of protection. Also, the application is convenient because it records the time, date, gps data and can include digital signatures.

Finishing projects on time

One of the conditions for your company's success is the ability to meet deadlines and ensure the expected quality of work in relation to your customers. Today, modern construction scheduling app can offer us a lot of opportunities for more productive time management. After all, they help to plan tasks and remotely monitor the stages of work at various construction sites in real time.

Better communication process

Having a group and personal chats is a way to build effective communications between employees without losing information and time. The apps for construction workers allows you to unite everyone in groups according to professional interests, arrange meetings and brainstorms, different tasks and projects even if employees are scattered around the world, get advice in real time. And finally, it allows communicate in an informal setting and make friendly connections with other employees.

Boost productivity

A well-designed construction calendar app can help improve productivity. It allows to coordinate the goals of the employer and the employee, compliance tasks, provides feedback and mutual motivation.

Construction time card app

Real-time analytics

Using a mobile phone, the company can collect the necessary data. These data can include quarterly production volumes, the efficiency of individual work groups, sales, etc.

Do not trust the development of mobile apps for construction industry to unqualified professionals though. is a team of experienced developers who are ready to solve the problem of any complexity. Moreover, we have a number of competitive advantages: huge experience in this field; an individual approach to each project; native applications development; convenient technical support. We are here not just to develop another app. We help each client even after app release: we help clients to grow the app, improve it, attract new users, and more.

Construction apps for iphone


Do you need to create a construction time card app? For a company operating in this industry, it is crucial to reduce any risks, and for this, it is really worth taking care of automating a number of processes. This task can be solved simply only if you use a special mobile application.

Such a simple and convenient task supervisor for building projects will be convenient for all project participants. After all, it allows you to:

  • Unite all project participants, and set up communication within the team.
  • Download building plans, coordinate documents, conduct architectural supervision remotely.
  • Keep in touch with other project participants, and follow the deadlines.
  • Keep abreast of everything that happens on the project, receiving photo reports on completed stages of work.

Of course, given that the work of a construction company consists of many aspects, it is quite difficult to cover them all. Our team has a huge experience in creating similar construction apps for iPhone that are represented at our portfolio, and we know what your application should include. We are focused on providing services that open up new opportunities for our customers, significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows.

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