Creating Tutoring App Like Uber

Lots of people are happy to share their knowledge with other people, and for some of them it becomes a main source of income. The desire to transfer knowledge and experience usually encourages people to become teachers and work in schools or universities. However, there is another way. For example, to become a private teacher - tutor.

Do you think about starting a tutoring Uber-like service that will meet the needs of the teacher’s community and pupils? If you do, then you are on the right path, because it is a simple and profitable solution in terms of income. Let's take a look at how to build an app like Uber for tutors.

Table of contents
  1. Why You Should Create a Tutoring Uber-like App
  2. Essential Features of Tutorial On-Demand App
  3. How Much Does It Cost to Develop Tutoring App Like Uber
  4. Current Tutoring Startups
  5. Summary

Why You Should Create a Tutoring Uber-like App

Not long ago, many teachers were afraid to admit that they were tutors. Now the situation has changed significantly. Instead of a small part-time job, tutoring has become a respected profession that does not take all spare time. A tutor is a fairly free person, he does not have “guards”, for example, a head teacher or a vice-rector. To become a tutor, a person needs to know his or her subject area well and do not stop growing in it. In addition to the subject area in tutoring, there is an entrepreneurial side. That is why it is so important for them to receive not only methodical but also business advice.

Starting a tutoring business like Uber is an attractive and promising way to become a part of a profitable niche. Android app like Uber for tutors is a great opportunity to simplify the connecting process between highly professional teachers and people who want to improve their knowledge in one place.

For the teachers, it will be a convenient way to earn more money at any convenient time for them, in a comfortable format (real-time communication in groups or individually, via Skype video, message, or via a phone call). Moreover, they will have the opportunity to communicate with people who are not only in their hometown but also beyond it.

For the second, this is an excellent way to find the most suitable teacher for classes quickly. As we know, some parents can help children with difficult homework, but many cannot and do not have the money to pay for tutoring services to fill gaps in the knowledge of their lovely kids. In accordance with this, such an application will allow many students to find qualified teachers who would help them cope with difficult homework for a really small fee.

Starting a tutoring business like Uber

If you want to build a tutoring startup like Uber then you need to know that it is a very profitable project for monetization. By accumulating a large number of teachers and their potential students, it is possible to expand the scope of a startup from one city to a country and even to the whole world.

When you will make on-demand tutor app like Uber, you can designate different monetization schemes. For example, the teacher will pay a one-time fee for each student with whom he met through this application. On the other hand, the app could take a fixed commission for each lesson. In addition, you can implement premium features to bring more value.

If you have any questions about how to make a tutoring app like Uber, contact us. Our friendly team of specialists will be glad to answer you and will help to implement any of your interesting ideas.

Essential Features of Tutorial On-Demand App

The modern Internet is filled with an incredible amount of offers to create an app like Uber for tutors. This can be understood because such a promising app could help to start your own successful business and at the same time, to help thousands of people all over the world.

Namely, such a startup could help to find work for teachers and also could help many parents to find the ideal specialist for their kids, or even for themselves. In addition, it's all without getting up from the couch, just picking up a smartphone.

iOS tutoring app

If you do not know what features should be included in your plan when you decided to make a tutors app like Uber, we tried to make a useful list based on our experience:

  • A useful map with search and filters. This feature will allow finding a teacher or student in the needed knowledge category and around your location;
  • Safe and secure payment methods. This will make sure that teachers will be securely paid for every lesson. And will also provide users with a payment choice (credit or debit card, cash, or other options)
  • Ability to change availability statuses for educators (online and free or busy and unavailable);
  • Convenient video chat and in-app messaging (private or group);
  • A built-in timer. This feature could show the start and end points of the lesson;
  • Rating and reviews, to help improve the quality of each tutor. Optionally, teachers could also rate pupils as well;
  • Booking history for both sides. It will help everyone to see all the upcoming sessions, and details about each previous lesson;
  • Schedule management;
  • Panic button;
  • Push notifications, to ensure both sides remember about the lessons, or about any other activity;
  • Promo codes, or other loyalty programmes will help you to keep existing users, and to attract new ones.

Create an app like Uber for tutors

When you will make a tutoring app like Uber, you will need to imagine a whole ordering process in one or a couple of schemes. In general, the life cycle of one tutoring session could look something like this:

  1. Search for a tutors on the map or/and find them by the desired category.
  2. Choose the right specialist, and send a booking request query.
  3. Wait for the approval and make an appointment.
  4. Payment can be processed before the actual session, or after it, depending on the business logic of the final iOS tutoring app.
  5. Start the course or a single session (online or in person).
  6. Sending the payment for the lesson to the teacher (in case it was already blocked, or transferred to escrow.
  7. Payment of commission for the app usage, if any.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Tutoring App Like Uber

«How much does the tutoring app like Uber cost» is a frequent question on the Internet forums. The cost of developing mobile applications depends on various factors like:

  • Platforms, on which application will be available (iOS, Android or both);
  • Types of mobile devices (phone, tablet or both);
  • Design complexity (standard, individual or animated design);
  • Application features and its functionality;
  • Data security methods, etc.

An app like Uber for tutors cost depends mainly on the number of functions and their complexity. Custom scenarios, the number of screens and application states, buttons, fields, the volume of business logic and server infrastructure require a large number of development hours and subsequent testing.

How much does the tutoring app like Uber cost

If you want to build an app like Uber for tutors, then you need to know that the whole process of developing mobile applications includes the next steps:

  • Analytics and requirements collection;
  • Planning;
  • Design;
  • Development;
  • Testing;
  • Release;
  • Post-release support and maintenance.

Depending on the requirements for a particular project, various functions and services (like cloud storage) can be implemented at the programming stage, the server part can be developed, and administrative tools can be created. After launch, project moves to a maintenance mode, during which developers can provide technical support and updates of the application.

Depending on the complexity and requirements, the structure of the project team may vary. The number of analysts, managers, developers, designers, and testers depends on the requirements for development time and project scope.
On average, prices for tutor finding app starts from $13,000 for one platfrom (iOS or Android), or $20,000 for both platforms. This solution will include only the main and core features:

  • iOS and Android native applications written in Swift and Kotlin;
  • API back-end server;
  • Separate applications for User and Tutor;
  • Core features, such as registration, tutor searching, booking request, list of sessions, messaging and payments.
If you plan to get not a one-time solution, but also a high-quality competitive project, you should plan the budget and expenses necessary to support it. Contact us, and our friendly specialists will be glad to help you to create an app to find a tutor and provide all iOS or Android application development services that might be needed.

Succeeded Tutoring Startups

On the Internet, there are already successful startups that link dozens of students and educators among themselves. Let's look at some of them to understand why they get such popularity.

Create a tutoring app for iphone

Varsity Tutors

This online platform allows the best educators to connect with students who need help with training.

This company appeared in 2012, and in 2016 they launched a mobile application. At first, this team simply helped teachers assign personal counseling for students. Over time, the company expanded its service by allowing online web chat with additional digital content, like tests built right into the platform.

Thanks to such application, the company's specialists have implemented the ability to conduct video chats, perform interactive tasks and so on. In this form, Varsity Tutors has launched its service in order to allow users to learn with its help in any place where there is the wireless Internet.

The number of teachers on the platform has already exceeded 20,000 and the average cost of their services is about $50 per hour.

Whiz Tutor

Another useful app that already simplified life to thousands of people, because it helps quickly find qualified and affordable teachers in the areas closest to you.

This project works not only to the United States but also to the whole world. It allows you to compare specialists, put up a rating, write and view users reviews, and prices. Also, the application offers to order a rehearsal session in any place convenient for you (at home or in a cafe) or to get help from any available teacher online.

In addition, it is worth noticing that this app includes such convenient features as lesson reminders and a large number of subject area filters for both kindergarten children and students of schools and universities.

If you want to make a similar, or even a better project - contact us. We will help you to make an app for tutors for android and will provide all the Android and iOS application development services needed.

How to build an app like Uber for tutors


Online tutoring becomes a serious part of the education industry. Pupils are increasingly using remote training instead of the traditional tutor system because of the convenience, saved time and costs. The tendency to increase the popularity of online education is noticeable around the whole world.

The situation in the tutoring market is also very good for starting an Uber-like application for tutors. There are quite a lot of specialists, but on the other hand, not all of them can be easily found. Also, not all of them can find clients right in their own town, so most of them are trying to teach online.

Such on-demand application will help hundreds of people to find the right specialists for any purpose. For example, to find a person who will help improve your knowledge of another language for a trip abroad, and prepare for the upcoming exam in any necessary subject. Many students want to find support and with the help of a convenient application they can find help at any time suitable for them. If you are thinking about a similar idea of for startup, then it is better to start the development right now. The market is growing, and it is better to find your niche in it as soon as possible.

A successful application is able to provide a greater return on your investment. If you want to create a tutoring app for iPhone or you have other interesting ideas that you can not wait to invest in, let us know about it.

Our main goal is to make a high-quality mobile app that will help the client in his business and bring the desired result. We deal with a large number of mobile and web applications. The team is committed to a long and productive collaboration, and we are always open to discuss the details of the work, technical specifications, and cost estimates. Contact managers and you will receive an exhaustive answer about prices and all development conditions.

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