Why your E-commerce​ Store Needs a Mobile Application

According to Google 2017-2018, 68% of smartphone owners use their devices for mobile shopping app, and 66% of them make purchasing decisions with a smartphone at least once a week. Before buying, most users first study information about a product on the Internet and then acquire it.

Actions that users perform on the Internet before purchasing a product:

  • Search for goods;
  • Search for discounts;
  • Price comparison;
  • Reading reviews;
  • Search store contact information;
  • Discussion of product characteristics with family or friends.
Table of contents
  1. Conversion rate
  2. User return
  3. Average purchase amount
  4. Push notifications
  5. Native payments
  6. Mobile Deep Linking
  7. Faster loading
  8. Better user experience
  9. Built-in smartphone features
  10. Loyal customers
  11. Do you Want to Make an E-Commerce App?

How is the development of mobile solutions related to how users make purchasing decisions? Imagine that a user has installed your application and now he is thinking about buying something. If you sell products that he might need, where would customer study prices first? He will first try to use search in your app. Let's look at its advantages of mobile application for online store in more detail.

Advantages of mobile application for online store

10 benefits of mobile app for ecommerce website:
  • conversion rate;
  • user return;
  • average purchase amount;
  • push notifications;
  • native payments;
  • mobile deep linking;
  • apps load content faster than sites;
  • applications provide the best UI;
  • built-in smartphone features;
  • loyal customers.

1 - Conversion rate

Regardless of what your online store sells - souvenirs, shoes or sports equipment - you are most interested in customers to love your brand. But even with a first-class level of service and high demand for the product, the web resource may lack something. Maybe it's time to offer consumers a mobile application? Thus, the online store will always be at the customer’s hand.

The Criteo study clearly demonstrates that native, or even cross platform mobile applications increase sales and revenue of projects in the e-Commerce and m-Commerce segments.

The conversion rate (Conversion Rate, CR) of applications is 200% higher than that of mobile sites; The average check (Average order value, AOV) of applications is 140% higher than the mobile version of a web resource. cart abandonment rate, SCAR) in applications is only 20%, while in mobile versions of the site - 97%, and in desktop versions - 68%. Applications are pushing users to buy goods and services especially since their functionality allows you to pay for an order in one click.

Benefits of ecommerce app

2 - User return

To enter the site the user needs to open a browser and put the address.It seems to be not that complicated, right? However, already at this stage, there are some difficulties. The person usually remembers the company name, not the specific URL. Therefore, if you enter the company name in the search box, the browser will display search results for the query. In this case, there is no guarantee that the site of the desired company will be first on the list, which means some of the traffic will go to competitors.

If you do not save the site in bookmarks, you will have to repeat this procedure every time. It is tiring. Once the application is installed, the user can return to it by one click on the phone screen.

From a business perspective, a mobile application can offer new features and benefits. Mobile applications allow you to attract customers to a deeper level, strengthening customer relationships and providing access to a set of functions that will help keep existing customers, encourage repeat purchases and use new markets.


3 - Average purchase amount

The rapid growth of mobile Internet commerce has allowed manufacturers and retailers to become closer to their customers. It has never been easier to shop at a store in your home. Now it is the time for startups to order a custom mobile application from a professional team and organically join the trend of using applications instead of responsive websites.

According to the Statista market statistics, in early 2017, more than 22% of all e-commerce turnover was accounted for purchases using smartphones. Since 2010, the number of online purchases using smartphones accounted for only 1.8%. According to forecasts, sales in global e-commerce in 2019 will be about $ 2.5 trillion.

According to Flurry, using smartphones, people spend 90% of their time in mobile solutions. In addition, 79% of smartphone owners have at least one application from an online retailer, and 10% use from six to five solutions on their own.

Developing a mobile app for ecommerce store

4 - Push notifications

The ability to send instant small notifications to application users – this is probably the main reason for developing a mobile app for ecommerce store.

Using the mobile application, you can contact the user at any time by sending a notification. It may contain any information: an extract of the debiting of money, the number of the taxi that went on a call, the action taking place in the store. This allows you to keep the user's attention, especially if the notifications contain useful information.

The push notification is displayed like other messages on the phone and, by clicking on it, the user automatically opens the desired page within the application.

The user himself can decide what information he wants to receive. The product of interest out of stock? The application will automatically notify you of the receipt, even if the user has not entered it for a long time and managed to forget about plans to make a purchase. In general, push notifications will become an indispensable tool in your marketing strategy.

According to a study by SocialMediaToday, push notifications are more effective than sending e-mail and SMS messages for the following reasons:

  • Instant delivery to the addressee and a large audience coverage;
  • The average percentage of open (Average Open Rate, AOR) is 90%, with 23% for e-mail messages;
  • Low-cost advertising campaign;
  • Lack of spam and malware;
  • Low failure rate;
  • Ability to use the tool Deep Linking.

Competent sending of push-notifications can convert users into buyers and return interest to the application of "asleep" clients.


5 - Native payments

Biometric authentication is gradually becoming an integral feature of smartphones. When the phone can scan fingerprints, the need to invent and remember complex passwords disappears. The data is securely protected.

In addition to reliability, payment through iOS and Android Pay systems is much more convenient than traditional methods: the user does not need to enter card data. But even if you remember the 16-digit number, expiration date, and CVV-code, you still most likely need a phone to confirm the purchase and enter the password that comes from the bank in the SMS-message. With mobile payment systems, all these actions could be done at the touch of a button.

In conditions of high competition, every second thing is expensive. Imagine that a person made a purchase decision while being in the office. He is ready to make a payment immediately, but he realizes that he has forgotten a bankcard in his jacket pocket in his car. The decision, in this case, is postponed indefinitely until the lunch break or until the end of the working day. Ultimately, a person may simply change his mind and go to another seller. The mobile payment system will protect against a similar problem - one click is necessary for payment.

6 - Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile solutions encourage users to share information on social networks. One loyal customer using your application is a live ad that promotes your products on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Most users will gladly download your mobile solution and exchange information about your product for a small discount.

Even without leaving the app, they will be able to ask for advice about a particular product from their friends by sending a link to it through social networks.

Benefits of mobile app for ecommerce website

People admire exclusive things. Make a special proposal for those who installed your application, and they will be happy to share a few links to your application.

7 - Faster loading

Most online store owners are aware that slow downloads can be fatal to business and force users to contact another vendor. The Kissmetrics study showed that 40% of users would go to another site if it takes more than three seconds to download the current one. So fast loading is crucial for customers. In this aspect, mobile applications seriously benefit from traditional sites. Mobile solutions may contain some features that do not require a stable network connection for proper operation.

Sites always need Internet access to regularly update their pages. However, download speed is also important for mobile solutions. Users abandon the application in which the content loads slowly, as in the case with a slow site.

The high pace of life makes users very demanding to the speed of downloading sites and online stores on the screens of gadgets. According to a Kissmetrics study, 46% of smartphone users leave the page if it does not open within the first 10 seconds.

8 - Better user experience

The absence of the need for a stable network connection for the operation of certain functions increases the interactivity of applications. Their interactivity makes it possible to implement vivid animations and use high-resolution images. This allows for a colorful and stylish user interface design. The mobile architecture allows you to develop exclusive features with smooth navigation. Also, one of the benefits of ecommerce app is the ability to implement gamification, which increases user engagement.


According to research, users spend 18 times more time in mobile applications than on mobile versions of sites. In addition, they perform unique actions there (visit the pages, view detailed information, and so on).

This is directly related to the ease of learning: tight integration with the smartphone's operating system makes the application interface intuitive. A person knows to what result this or that action will lead because he has seen a similar implementation in other applications.

By the way, if you are curious how user experience could be improved - we covered couple of interested points in a previous article - how to develop a music app like SoundCloud.

9 - Built-in smartphone features

One of the additional benefits of mobile apps for customers is access to the built-in functions of the smartphone and connected peripheral devices.

The application considers the geolocation of the device and will pave the route to the nearest ATM; or use the camera to scan a QR code that tells all about the exotic bird in the pet store without having to call a consultant.

Seeing the data from the fitness bracelet that the user does not sleep well, you can offer to buy an orthopedic mattress. On the other hand, if the user is inactive during the day, offer to sign up for a suitable time at the gym.

Benefits of mobile apps for customers

The application also “sees” the phonebook contacts so that the user can easily share the product from the application with friends via instant messengers and social networks. If it is difficult to make a choice and need the advice of friends, or you want to boast of a recent purchase, the user will easily do this with the help of the application, helping to reduce advertising costs.

Another way to increase user engagement is to implement voice recognition, which will allow users to navigate through the menu or subscribe to the newsletter.

10 – Loyal customers

Applications help build brand loyalty. Adobe's research shows that 67% of those who shop using smartphones prefer mobile solutions of brands they already know. This data proves that mobile applications enhance communication between shoppers and online stores. And already this fact justifies the cost to build a mobile ecommerce app.


In addition, business owners may offer special discounts and / or offers for those who have downloaded their mobile application. Get at least discount coupons or a 20% discount offered exclusively through a mobile application. Thus, you win: reward loyal customers who take the time to download the Android application development or iOS application development of your programmers, and give them the opportunity to feel their exclusivity.

Another way to make the consumer feel his importance is to give priority to access to new products.

Socail apps are another way to sell goods to a user. Even Instagram has a built-in store these days. If you were thinking to develop a social media app like Instagram - we can help you!

Do you Want to Make an E-Commerce App?

The last few years, e-commerce has been moving rapidly into the mobile plane. Given current trends, the development of mobile applications are important, because they provide online stores with a competitive advantage, increase sales and customer loyalty to the brand.

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