How Much Does CRM Software Cost?

Customer Relations Management, also known as CRM is one of the key tools of a business system. Software related to it is used in large and medium-sized enterprises and gradually becoming commonplace for small startups. Therefore, entrepreneurs are increasingly asking “how much does a custom crm software cost”. If you are interested in this question, let's find out together. Our data will be based on average development prices, listings of companies that are publicly open available on the Internet.

Table of contents
  1. Why do you need to develop a custom CRM software?
  2. What is CRM for?
  3. What you will get from it
  4. What influences the final cost of Customer Relations Management software development?
  5. Marketing module
  6. Sales module
  7. Support module
  8. Why you should order the development of a CRM software in the
  9. Conclusion

Build your own CRM

Why do you need to develop a custom CRM software?

CRM development is a profitable investment for every company (for online stores, real estate agencies, logistics companies, etc.). The role of the Customer Relations Management system in business optimization is to automate the relationship with clients. It helps to plan, control and develop almost any type of business. Integration of CRM Software will help to collect customer contact data, track the effectiveness of working with leads. Thus, it will help to establish full accounting and control of processes within the company, as well as organize efficient interaction with customers and partners.

Of course, if you begin a successful business, but your list contains about 10-20 clients, you do not need custom CRM software. However, as your business expands and new clients will be added, widely used tools will lose their effectiveness, and you will have to start thinking about developing your own custom CRM.

If you worry about the pricing of Customer Relations Management software, we can say that such a system repeatedly increases your profits if used regularly and effectively. The result of the action is determined by the increase in the level of sales and the growth of the total company's profit.

How much does a crm cost

What is CRM for?

It is a useful tool for:

  • Systematization and sales management, if you do not have time to serve customers manually.
  • Information gathering. This will help to find out at which stage the company usually loses customers, and how many potential customers never became buyers.
  • Getting quick and complete analytics of customer service processes.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of managers and departments: how much work they do and how they interact with customers.
  • Increase sales by eliminating weaknesses in working with customers and streamlining processes.

Creating a CRM software and integrating it into business processes is a convenient solution to eliminate all weaknesses. You have access to information about who the client of the company is, what he wants to receive, when and where he comes from, why he leaves. You see how the departments of the company work and what exactly the managers do.

Thus, the development of such software helps professionals get a tool to increase productivity and do not spend working time on creating and filling out reports, searching for information about a client, etc. Development of CRM-systems, taking into account the specifics and objectives of the company and its implementation provides a complete picture of current processes and allows you to increase sales.

How much does a crm system cost

What you will get from it

There are two types of CRM software products:

SaaS (software as a service). Includes paid subscription. Access to Customer Relations Management platform could cost from $20 up to $7000 per month.
Custom CRM Solution. Involves a development of a custom CRM software from scratch, for need of your particular business.

Ready solutions Your own CRM solution
Work according to a universal scheme, with superfluous functionality and without taking into account the needs of your company. Work on the basis of your business needs and without unnecessary functionality.
Have limited opportunities for integration into third-party services. Can be integrated with any third party services and APIs: messaging system, mail servers, inventory management systems, and more.
Require additional payment for each new employee in the system. An unlimited number of users. With the growth of the business will not pay for additional users.
Paid subscription. Average cost: about $12-$20 per user on a monthly basis. Work without subscription fees.
Work on your own servers, the responsibility for setting up and data security are company issues. They can be placed on the developers' servers with access only for your company, or on the company's servers, which will protect the web app from hacking. Source codes and system rights belong to the company.
There is no possibility to refine or add the required functionality. Changes and refined by our team, a third-party programmer or employee of your company.

Cost of enterprise crm system

What influences the final cost of Customer Relations Management software development?

How much does a crm cost? The cost of developing a system depends on a number of factors, such as complexity, number of necessary business processes, as well as time spent on work.

CRM development stages:

  1. Development of technical specifications;
  2. Interface design, programming;
  3. Testing and running;
  4. Post-release maintenance and further support.

In the beginning, you need to plan your personal goals and choose what kind of CRM software you want to develop. Main options are:

  • strategic (gather data about customers for supporting long-term relationships),
  • operational (working on service, sales, marketing automation),
  • collaborative (synchronize communication between company and customers via e-mail, phone, website, crm web application, etc.)
  • analytical (determines customer behavior via provided by operational system data).

The final cost of enterprise crm system will depend on the types of modules that need to be included. Usually, it is marketing, sales, and customer support modules.

Ccost of crm software

Marketing module

For general control, automation of management and tracking the results of the company, it is necessary to implement this module. After all, it will allow you to think through possible marketing strategies based on the obtained data.

Main functions Sections Cost
Marketing company management: a useful tool for creating tasks and events, for working with financial issues, for assigning certain people for certain tasks. Marketing company management Starts from $5,000
Customer analysis: a nice tool that will help to divide people into segments and groups depending on your needs. Client segmentation Starts from $4,000
Development strategy: set of tools that will help to sort any list of marketing companies that might include conversions, cost, success, persons, etc. So, you will know with whom it is better to work. Marketing Analytics Starts from $6,000

If you want to know how much does a crm system cost, we can say that the cost can range from $ 20,000 to several hundreds of thousands dollars (average market rates). You might think that this is a lot. Looking at these amounts, many small companies decide to use corporate SaaS solutions like the products of SalesForce, Oracle, and others.

Of course, if your budget is not ready for developing your own CRM, then you will resort to ready-made solutions from some agency. However, try to think about how much does it cost to build a crm by your own, and how much money you will spend on paid subscribing for ready-made solutions for the next 5-10 years. Compare these numbers and make the right decision.

How much does it cost to build a crm

Sales module

Any modern sales module in CRM systems should include tools for automating significant work on managing customer data, collecting and analyzing the market, as well as planning future sales.

Main functions Sections Cost
Account management: this tool should process data about existing and potential customers, send data. Thus, it might sort information about users by their name, phone number, e-mail, rating, etc. and include basic operations related to it. Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Tasks, Opportunities Starts from $10,000;
Analysis: important tool that will help to work with monitoring panels, diagrams and visualization to divide people into segments and groups depending on your needs. Sales Analytics Starts from $5,000
Planning: set of tools that will help to sort any list of marketing companies that might include conversions, cost, success, persons, etc. So, you will know with whom it is better to work. Sales Planning Starts from $5,000

How much does a custom crm software cost

Support module

In order to retain customers and not lose their trust, you need a support module. With it, you can show your concern for each customer, while automating the process. Namely, you can find out the necessary information about each client easily and quickly: what did he buy, when, why, and other additional details.

Main functions Sections Cost
Support service: This is one of the main features that sends incoming requests to the appropriate specialists, shows them all the necessary information, and also distributes the requests according to the importance and time of receipt. Agent Console and Reference Service Starts from $10,000
Service analysis: A useful tool for collecting and processing information about receiving requests, as well as compiling reports on the work is done (how long a particular request was resolved, etc.). Allows you to compile statistics and organize data obtained from various sources of information. Customer Statistics Starts from $8,000
Knowledge base: This is a single database where answers to all kinds of questions that a client can ask are stored. Any support specialist should have access to it to read and edit the information there. Instructions and Q&A base Starts from $5,000

CRM System Development


In addition to the above-mentioned information, let us summarize the average cost of custom CRM software development.

Type of work Average cost of CRM software
Marketing module ~$15,000 USD
Sales module ~$20,000 USD
Support module ~$23,000 USD
Additional expenses Cost
Project preparation: business research, identification of tasks and tools for their solution, drafting common architecture and database development, specification of requirements. $100 - $1,000
Staff training: training of consultants, creation of reference materials (training texts and video guides), staff training. Depends on project complexity and number of specialists
Technical support: appointing your administrator or agreeing about support from developers side
Further system improvements: Development of new functions, optimization, design improvement, etc.

If you want to develop a system that will help you to automate business processes, increase sales, and improve customer service, contact us. We also provide the best Android and iOS application development services. Of course, we can also help with UI/UX design, complete application testing, help with application release, and post-release support and maintenance.

Cost of development of CRM system

Why you should order the development of a CRM software in the

Ordering the development of CRM software, you get a working tool to improve the performance of the company's business processes and sales. If you have any questions related to it, or if you want to build your own crm, contact us. Our friendly team will be glad to help and develop the best solution for your startup, based on best practices and our field experience. We provide Web, iOS and Android application development services, and all the supporting services from design to QA.

Ordering CRM implementation in the is beneficial for several reasons:

Saving. There is a need to pay for expensive use of commercial services, you get an individual tool as an owner;
Efficiency. In comparison with ready-made solutions, personal development contains only the necessary tools for the enterprise and it is not overloaded with a set of unnecessary functionality. You get a final product adapted to the specifics of your business and individual requirements;
Ergonomic. The system is developed on the basis of marketing research, and management and use are as simple as possible. This contributes to the speed of staff training.
Technical support for the further stages of the project.

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