4 Points How to Find and Hire the Best App Developer for Your Project

Do you want to find an app developer? We are happy to help you with it. When starting a new business project, you are certainly faced with a huge quantity of serious tasks, the solution of which determines the perspectives of this startup: whether it will be successful or unsuccessful.
Sometimes different insignificant details could create many obstacles for further stages of progress. In this case, it would be better to entrust the decision of complex tasks to experts.

Many business representatives who actively use modern technologies are faced with such an important task as the choice of a reliable IT partner. The search for the development team is just one of such fundamental issues that should be addressed with the utmost seriousness and knowledge of the issue, because these experts will bring your ideas to life, and the outlook of your startup depends on their professional skills. And most of the time it is quite difficult to make a choice. Thereby, we will try to describe how to find the top app developer?

We have made research for you to have a great chance to look at several options that will assist you in picking out the right way and successfully hire app developer. We are going to start with what is necessary to know in advance.

Table of contents
  1. Preparations
  2. Basic tips
  3. Where to find mobile apps developer
  4. App engineers salaries in most popular countries
  5. Conclusion

Hiring best app developer

First of all, to define the way how to find someone to build an app, clearly determine for yourself which application you want to create. In general, no specialist can make a product and cope with the job if the specification is not clear. There are two main options: application development for an existing business or launching an application for a start-up company. An existing business should maintain its image, the scope of application is clear, the target audience is known, and acquiring users will not be a problem. For a new company, it is important to impress the client when using the application. This is your opportunity to express yourself. New businesses have more options, and way more flexible. However, they will need to market the new app, which is a difficult task, and to predict future target audience, their needs and behavior.

You can find a lot of niches in the contemporary world that could be of interest to customers. Look around! You can see many people who cannot imagine their lives without music, and they enjoy songs they love everywhere. Don’t you want to create a music app like Pandora?

Other people spend all their spare time on social networks. They read the news, chat with friends, shopping, and even dating on social media applications. Therefore, this area is popular enough, and if you wish to create a social media app like Twitter, it would be a great idea. Our professional specialists will assist you at any stage of your application creation. a wide range of skills and will be happy to share them with you, write to us at mail@mova.io

The next thing you need to decide is the complexity of the work that needs to be done. A simple application with a standard set of functions does not require much time. If a goal is to build an extraordinary project with a beautiful user interface and great user experience, that will need more time and will cost more. Including complex features such as individual user accounts, GPS tracking, a payment gateway, and others will require additional working hours, and should be done by a professional application engineer. Better if he already worked on similar features in the past - it will save much time dealing with different edge-cases.

Having gone through these stages, we are ready to begin the basic four tips on how to find an app developer.

Tips on hiring applications developer

Basic tips

1. Choosing a region

Pay attention to the most widespread places where to find app developer for hire. North America, for example, is the third continent in the number of specialists in IT sphere. Here are the main offices of the world-renowned IT companies. Asia and Europe are ranked second and third places consequently. As a place where you can find really experienced specialists, come to mind such cities as London or Berlin. Eastern European countries such as Ukraine also have a big number of professional software programmers. Most of the growing startups prefer employees from Ukraine or Belarus because their professional level is as high as their western colleagues. However, their rates are slightly lower, which allows to save some money and polish the application a bit more for same budget.

App developer for hire

2. Freelance sites

The most common step to hire app programmer is to view their profiles at freelance sites where you can view candidate recommendations, a list of clients and freelancer ’previous work experience.

Freelancer with huge knowledge will be a good choice for a smaller projects. If you are trying to create a small web site that will help users resolving one or two tasks - freelancer can be a great decision. If your project will need iOS and Android specialists, also back-end engineer, designer, QA engineer, project manager - then it might be a great idea to find a valid team of people(described in next section).

Upwork is one of the popular sites where it is real to find experienced persons with skills you are needed for your plans. Here you can hire an app developer for a fixed job or hourly, to evaluate his experience. People Per Hour and Guru are the other freelancers.

Designer communities will also be valuable to you. In fact, often people connect design with references to development for iOS and Android. Check out Dribbble, the community of designers and local design teams, and you can meet the real specialists in this sphere. Of course, this way could take a long time until you find the perfect candidate. You just have to decide whether it is suitable for your purpose.

Looking for app development agency

3. Looking for a suitable app development team

If you strive to develop an interesting and profitable startup, then you will most likely need more than one person. Depending on the project, you might need:

  • iOS or Android specialist
  • Android Developer
  • Back-end engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Designer
  • Project Manager

While it is possible to gather a team yourself using freelance websites, it might be better to find a company or a team. Various companies that creating websites, landing pages, online stores or mobile applications are widely represented on the market. Of course, you should not give your startup into the hands of the first available programmer's team, which will assure you that they have extensive experience working on such tasks and will do everything in the best possible way.
Therefore, you must make sure that those people work together for long time, they know how to work with each other, and it will be way easier for them to start, because they already have a working process of final product.

Besides, hiring company is more secure and reliable. Usually the final result will be completed in a more professional way, and will need less control and micro-management.

You can find best engineers teams at websites like Clutch.co or Good Firms.

Find a programmer for an app

4. Create a list of vaguely interesting candidates

No matter how you approach the issue of choosing mobile app programmers, you will see different candidates, whether freelancers, teams, agencies or companies. In order to save the data of really unique IT partner suitable for your team in a large stream of options, we suggest creating a list of candidates. What should it be to bring you maximum benefit? Determine whom this list should consist of. Will freelancers suit you or is it more convenient for you to contact a specialized company? It depends on your job management capabilities. Freelancers are the persons who make their work distantly, so it is extremely difficult to control their actions, especially if your experience with technical teams is not great.

A specialized agency, on the other hand, should provide you with project management services. They already have a developed script for the process that will help you achieve your desired level at work.

4. Compare

You will have a long list of candidates and most likely the variants will not end. Hiring people ask questions to each of them, analyze their answers and only then take a decision.

What to ask? Here are some examples.

1) Where can I see examples of tasks that you have created?

Experience is measured by the amount of work done earlier. Remember that portfolio often includes not all the completed tasks. View projects previously created by candidate, you can evaluate if this person is suitable to meet your requirements.

Looking for best mobile developers

If you make a decision to contact the agency to find a programmer for an app, it will be useful to take a hard look to their web site, and not just to the portfolio of developers. The company involved in the development as a rule can boast a modern, well organized and informative site. It should include a portfolio with project descriptions, a list of their services, and more. It is a good sign if you can find a list of technologies used. It means that programmer's team are focused on those particular tools, and have an in-depth knowledge of how they work. On the other hand, if an agency works with every technology possible - it might indicate that the understanding of each of those tools can be rather shallow.

2) How can quality of work be guaranteed?

First of all, check already finished mobile products. Try to use them. See for yourself how they work. If you don’t have enough time - see what users write about them. Maybe apps were featured in the App Store? Or perhaps some big and popular websites or blogs have written about them?

For example, at mova.io we made apps that are used by 1,000,000+ users monthly. TThey were mentioned by the LA Times, 9to5Mac, TechCrunch, The Washington Post, LifeHacker, and other companies. This is already a good sign. Applications that we’ve done work well and users enjoy using them. Moreover, we are always happy to help with your ideas, whether you are looking for Android app development services or iOS app development services.

Experienced Android or iOS engineers have certain quality standards that ensure their efficiency. Ask them about methods and a set of tools they would apply to achieve the desired goal.

Mobbile development agency for hire

For example, at mova.io our professionals have their own approach for application development. We are interested not in just making another ordinary task. We want to make a working business, that can generate a stable revenue for you. To achieve this, we evaluate the initial idea, trying to apply and share our experience with other projects. Our designers will help you to make the most astonishing user interface, to ensure users will want to download the final product just by looking at the screenshots. On the development stage, we try to keep everything as transparent as possible. We keep client always updated, and we send new versions to test on a weekly basis. It ensures that the project is on the right track and all the features work as expected.

3) How will the development process go?

As a rule, good agencies have a certain thought-out algorithm. Of course, at mova.io team, we also have our own workflow, which we tried to describe in details at our Android app development services or iOS app development services pages.

If agencies don’t have a clear roadmap for the job, it can be alarming. In that case, make sure why they can’t come up with one. IT companies with a good reputation follow a well-defined project management methodology that helps optimize the development process and ensure effective interaction with the client. If a team does not have a standardized workflow might mean that the team might not have enough experience in the field.It is worth asking what methodology is used, how the client is involved in the work process. After all, total control by the client, as well as his absence at all stages of project implementation, negatively affects the final result.

In addition, the approach to developing applications for start-ups and experienced enterprises should be different, so it is worthwhile to clarify every detail before instructing the project.


Where to find mobile app developer

We considered freelancing sites and app development company databases as one of the main employees search points already. In addition, there are at least two extra variants should be used to hire mobile application developer. Pay your attention at:

1. Extended networks

Notify everyone that you want to hire developer to make app. Often we do not even suspect that some of our colleagues or friends can help with that. For example, the brother of your old friend is looking for work in this area or you know a person who can help you. Anyway, the more people know that you need an app developer the more search circle is expanded without your control.

2. Higher education institutions

Do not underestimate young professionals. Students of universities and colleges can bring enormous benefits. In order to hire a developer to make an app contact professor with a request to select a potentially talented student. Working with the best of them will reduce your expenses, and young developers would get the opportunity to realize their skills. Moreover, young people have non-ordinary fresh look. They may not take a leading role in your business, but they could help you with an uncomplicated point of view.

App engineers salaries in most popular countries

It would be best if you also took some time to figure out what size of salary would be acceptable for a future specialist. It will help you to calculate the costs of the future work. An average developers’ salary depends on some factors, which we consider below.

North America leads the way in hourly pay for mobile app development. Here, mobile software engineers ask for $150 an hour. In Western Europe prices are lower - you can expect rates around $100 per hour. Eastern Europe provides highly skilled people who can complete the project at a reasonable price: around $40-$50 per hour. In Asia, IT specialists are ready toimplement any idea with way lower hourly rates: from $10 to $30. In fact, the USA and Australia are the only countries where the programmers’ work could costs more than $100 per hour.

Hiring experienced moile developers

Experience also could increase and reduce the size of the salary. So, if you hire a programmer to make an app of entry-level, he can expect to pay about 80 thousand dollars a year. A person with 5-10 years of experience behind them, will ask an additional 40-60 thousand dollars of annual income. Specialists with more than 20 years of experience receive $ 180,000 or more per year.

Android application engineers in North America receive an average of $ 168 per hour, in Australia - $110, and in India - an average of $26 per hour. South America and Eastern Europe go a little higher than India - $35 and $45 per hour, respectively, and application developers in the United Kingdom do their work for $70 per hour.

Development experience has almost the same effect as in the case of iOS specialists. The price difference between Android and iOS experts reflects the difference between these mobile platforms generally. The possible reason that the hourly wage for Android platforms is higher than for iOS is that it is more challenging to develop for this platform due to its fragmentation. Android experts have to test the applications they are developing for a larger screen of smartphone and tablet and various hardware requirements generally.

Hire someone to make an app for you


To sum up, we want to say that to hire someone to make an app for you can be a difficult task. The final result of the new business project will depend on the practice level of the chosen development company. When selecting an app coder it could be a really great idea to interview each candidate in order to be sure of the qualifications, as well as his understanding of the product you want to receive before making the final decision. For the perfect results you should review the sites and portfolios of a large number of candidates, read many profiles. As a result, you can say with complete certainty that the specialist you have chosen has the necessary skills and experience, regardless of whether he is a freelancer or an agency representative.

However, to receive a decent result from a selected app programmer, you also need to provide a precise and very detailed task specification. The more detailed the specification - the fewer chances something will go wrong.

Although the process of looking for an app developer is somewhat tricky, finding the right one will help you to finish the project successfully. The right candidate will be able to transform your idea into a working business product and will help maintain it, and improve according to user’s feedback.

If you strive to avoid all the difficulties of exhausting candidates search,it would be the wise decision to hire the team of real professionals – mova.io company. We will provide you the creative developer solutions and excellent results in specified terms. Entrust the decision of your ideas to experienced professionals.

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