5 Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Music Based Dating App

In the modern world, people have to constantly balance between career, friends and personal life. Unfortunately, there is less time left for the latter. With the growing number of smartphones, apps for music lovers who looking for a mate based on common musical interests, have begun to gain popularity.

Many people love music and want to find someone with the same musical taste as theirs. But how to create a dating app based on music for them? In this article, we will look at the features of developing applications for people who cannot live without music.

Table of contents
  1. Why music based dating app is a good startup?
  2. Main features
  3. How much does it cost to develop and how much time does it take
  4. Development process
  5. Business and monetization models
  6. Conclusion

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Why music based dating app is a good startup?

In addition to the obvious options with bars and fun buddies, many people want to find a mate. And where could you find a long-awaited partner for the evening or the rest of your tindelife, if not on the Internet.

What to do if you have already looked at Tinder and you are tired of Badoo? The right answer is a dating app that pairs you based on music taste. Such an application can analyze the musical tastes of users based on information from Facebook, suggests those users with whom addictions are the same and connect them. Favorite music of other users can be heard immediately in the application.

It is a perfect choice for streaming music lovers who want to find a mate based on common musical interests and go on a date.

Main features

Twitter, Facebook and Google account are popular ways to quickly sign-up with many services and applications. Since users of dating services are interested in communicating and meeting with real people, registration in applications like Tastebuds is usually done using Facebook.

If you want to create a social media app like Facebook, or if you want to take advise on any issues relating to the creation of applications, our experienced developers will help you.

What features should have a good dating app for musicians:

  1. Simple and intuitive interface;
  2. Convenient viewing of profiles and photos;
  3. Suitable search for profiles by the desired city, age, sex, music genres.
  4. The ability to hide any information from other users;
  5. Responsive technical support;
  6. A large number of users;
  7. Convenient chat;

The private chat feature is an important part of the dating app for each musician. There must be an ability to send funny pictures, emoticons, voice messages, photos, etc. that will help users to better interact with each other;

Messaging for music dating app

8. Geolocation with the ability to disable this feature;

This element allows you to discover people all over the planet, including in any city and even a hundred meters around you. This creative discovery will help users to meet each other in real life.

9. Search for people by a large number of music genres;

It helps users to choose a person with similar preferences, interests, and requirements. This function facilitates and accelerates the entire search process.

10. Guest statistics and matches: you can find out who visited your profile.

Also, in your app, must be the ability to list favorite artists. Such list should be guided by your musical preferences from Facebook, Last.fm or Spotify. Therefore, the more artists you follow in the social network, the easier it will be for the application to find interesting partners for you.

dating app based on music

In addition, on the search page, you need to add the ability to specify the age range of people of interest, the location and radius of the search. Try to add the above features and expand your audience through media share or other resources, to stand up among possible competitors.

If you want to know how to create a music app like Spotify, contact us. Mova.io specialists will consult you in any questions related to the app development.

Music dating app

How much does it cost to develop and how much time does it take

Creating a dating app based on music taste is an interesting idea for a startup. But the price of development depends on many things.

First of all, you need to decide on which platform you are going to create music dating app: iOS or Android, or adaptation for both OSs. Depending on your decision, the price will be different.

The price itself is calculated on a development time needed for the application. Usually, to develop a dating app, you will need the next services:

Your ideal team will have:

  • 1 UI/UX designer to make sure your application looks stunning
  • 1-2 developers per platform (iOS or Android)
  • 1 Back-end developer to help with the database schema, API server, admin panel, integration with social networks, and more
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer, to make sure application works seamlessly
  • 1 Project manager to make sure the project is finished in time, ensure proper communication between team and client, and more.


Development process

On average, Shuffle like app development time starts from 250 hours per iOS or Android version, and at least 100 hours per backend development. This will cover the core features of the application with simplest design.

Depending on number of additional features and services, the number of working hours and price will grow. If you will need a unique design, it will need additional 80-120 hours. Integration with 3-rd party services will need additional time as well. To figure out how much time is needed for an average dating app, you can check our interactive estimations. You can select only features you will need, and it will show you the price and timeframes immediately. Check it out: Tinder Estimations.

The whole process of creating a high-end app like LetsTuneup takes at least 500 hours. Therefore, you must be prepared for a long process of creating and developing a project, which often takes 4 months or more.

Dating app for music lovers

Business and monetization models

As we know, any application is an additional trading platform for the seller of goods and services. The logic is simple: more users - more potential buyers. In this case, earnings can depend on the number of views of advertising. These can be banners, ad inserts or pop-ups.

Dating app based on music interests like Tastebuds, Shuffle, and LetsTuneup, in addition to displaying advertisements, also earn money by selling premium subscriptions that enhance service capabilities.

For example, you can offer the following functions for premium members:

  • No advertisement for premium users.
  • Changing your profile location to another city or even a country, allowing you to find new friends.
  • Better selection of filters
  • Better discoverability of user’s profile
  • A higher user rating: for example, offer paid places in the top for a certain period of time or charge a small fee for the opportunity to chat with the most popular users.

This type of monetization implies free use of the basic functionality of the app with the further purchase of additional options. The main nuance in this case is the optimal choice of the number of free features, and cost of paid functions.

Development of music based dating app


If you decided to develop your own dating app based on music preferences, just let us know! We suggest paying attention to the development of core features and key elements. Try to make them exciting! The innovation and uniqueness of every-day features could provide the success of any application. Think about how your application will differ from a competitor app like Tastebuds. You can improve design, user’s experience, security, add new features and create something that will surpass other dating apps easily.

Find a good idea, determine the priorities, and contact us! We already worked on many dating applications, and our experience will help us to develop an application that will gain great popularity. We believe in you, and we will make everything possible to make your application popular.

If you have any questions, or if you have any ideas, contact us. Mova.io specialists will be glad to help you to develop your music based dating app.

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