Three Things to Consider Before Creating an On-Demand Beauty App

The idea of creating an Uber-like beauty services app is extremely fresh and profitable. After all, the world around us is filled with various startups, innovative technologies that have nothing to do with beauty. Moreover, at the same time, in a busy environment, there is a high demand for facial treatment, nail art, haircut, face painting, make-up, and other services. Therefore, it is a perfect idea to combine these two worlds together. It will help to create a large client base and connect it to qualified professionals.

Table of contents
  1. The Key Features of On-Demand Beauty App
  2. Benefits of On-Demand Beauty Application
  3. How Much Does It Cost to Develop On-Demand Beauty App Like Uber
  4. Successful Beauty On-Demand Startups
  5. Summary

Make beauty on-demand app

The Key Features of On-Demand Beauty App

First of all, if you think about how to develop an application for beauty services at home, you need to figure out the target audience and their needs. Usually, this role goes to busy people who are not able to plan and make time for a visit to a beauty salon. In addition, there are beauty specialists that are looking for a good opportunity to earn in their spare time. Then, you need to create a mobile beauty app like Uber that will allow users to book the services of a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser or any other specialist for a specific day or for the near future.

To bring this idea to life, you need to consider the key features of your project for two sides: for clients and for specialists.

Create a beauty app like Uber

For the consumer:

  • Registration and login form;
  • Map with the list of professionals around a user. It will help to search for the nearest professional with a certain skill;
  • Search with filters to find a professional faster, according to user’s needs;
  • Convenient and detailed information about particular professionals, prices and types of services;
  • User profile;
  • The history of previous bookings and visits with the ability for the client;
  • Appointment button that will allow users to book any services at any date;
  • Payments integration, to pay for a visit right away;
  • Different types of payments (Credit/debit cards and cash);
  • A modern and comfortable way to inform customers about the latest updates, promotions, and innovations of a specialist;
  • Push notifications about special offers and discounts that could attract users in the inactive season;
  • A rating system, so users can provide their feedback and leave a review;
  • Build-in chat.

Build beauty services at home app

For professionals:

  • Sign Up/ Sign In form for creating a profile;
  • Detailed profile builder, that will allow professionals to provide all the info needed: their experience, previous works examples, and so on;
  • Online chat with the client;
  • Appointments calendar;
  • List of new bookings. Professionals should be able to accept/reject client request;
  • Details about previous or future appointments;
  • Availability settings, vacation mode;
  • Reviews and Feedbacks.

In addition to user/professional side, you might also need an admin panel. This is a place, where you could manage the app (add and delete services, make promotions, view users, professionals, list of transactions, different analytics, and so on). Even though it is optional, it increases productivity by providing interesting insights into application usage.

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Benefits of On-Demand Beauty Application

Just like Housejoy or any other Uber-like apps, on-demand beauty services allow makeup artists, hairdressers and beauticians to offer their services at home or even in the workplace. This changes the traditional model fundamentally when visitors choose a beauty salon on their own and purposefully go there. The presence of such an application increases the competition between service providers in price and provides higher comfort level for both sides.

Start an on-demand beauty app

As a rule, the audience for beauty applications is made up of active people who keep up with the times. Most of them have smartphones or tablets and actively use them, download and use various applications. Be sure to consider the interests and peculiarities of your target audience, because the application is created, first of all, for their convenience. Moreover, what is very important, it has to have an attractive interface to quickly become popular and to pay for the development costs.

The main benefits of the app for your business:

  • An increasing number of clients and working professionals;
  • With a probability of 71%, visitors more likely will re-order the service;
  • Most processes are automated, which is very convenient and will save time for both sides;
  • It is a nice opportunity to offer relevant services, and it will increase customer loyalty and the company’s reputation;
  • Ability to send push notifications, add advertisements and receive a fee from each service held;
  • The app is working 24/7;
  • It will be easier to take care of the client, which will also have a positive impact on the company's status;
  • Ability to be in touch with people via feedback system and online chats.

In addition, there are advantages for the customers:

  • The ability to enter the application instantly and order a safe beauty service regardless of time and your location;
  • You can pay for services through a mobile device or another convenient method;
  • User-friendly interface with easy and intuitive navigation.
  • The opportunity to see a detailed list of services and professionals with a detailed description;
  • Ratings and feedback help finding the best professional;
  • Convenient push-notifications that keep user up-to-date with upcoming promotions, special offers, and get reminders;
  • Mobile apps for beauty salons use only well-protected data transfer channels.
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop On-Demand Beauty App Like Uber

Each project has its own characteristics: the functional implementation, design, the number of elements. All these parameters make the assessment of the cost of developing a mobile application as a creative, variable process.
The cost of on-demand beauty service app will depend on the amount of work and time that the team will spend on development. Here are the main factors that influence the timeline and development budget:

Development platforms (iOS, Android). The cost of the application for Android and iOS varies slightly, but the development on two platforms at once increases the cost;

A number of screens and interface elements. The more data and screens you need to display in the application, the more complex the development process is;

The complexity of the design elements (a template or a more complex and non-trivial design). Remember, this is a key factor that influences future popularity;

Types of devices and their number. The cost of developing applications for iPad and other tablets may differ from standard development for smartphones significantly because the application will have to be adapted to the tablet;

The presence of integration with third-party systems / devices. For example, it is possible to connect the application to a third-party API, SMS integration and much more.

Based on the combination of these and other elements of the mobile application, their complexity, and depth, the specialists form an assessment of the project, which is related to the time and money costs for developing a specific beauty on demand app for iPhone.

Native Cross-platform
User App $10,000 - $12,000 $7,000 - $10,000
App for beauty specialists $10,000 - $12,000 $7,000 - $10,000
Admin Panel $3,000 - $6,000 $3,000 - $6,000
Total $23,000 - $30,000 $17,000 - $26,000

Note, the following estimations are rough since it’s hardly possible to provide exact estimations without any details. Building a beauty app like Uber may cost around $17,000 - $30,000.

Build a mobile beauty on-demand application

Successful Beauty On-Demand Startups

If you want to create beauty on-demand application, you need to know your future business competitors. This will help you to analyze details about this industry and will help to find out how to stand out among other similar apps.

1. Glamsquad

In most on-demand applications for haircuts, styling, and makeup, placing an order starts with a specialists order. Glamsquad decided to build beauty services at home app with the opposite strategy. The selection of a suitable hairstyle from the lookbook comes first, then a professional (who can complete the order – certain hairstyle or makeup) is appointed, and in the end, the date, time and place of execution are selected. In the application, the customer can clarify important details, and in the profile indicate your favorite shampoo and cosmetic brand.

2. The Glam App

A quite standard but popular application that acts like an online agency. It connects beauty specialist with the user. Moreover, this app provides such services: it delivers professionals to consumers, including a wide range of services (from a blow dry, and nail repairs to make up applications), have built-in schedule and an appointment system.


Convenient web and mobile platform that provides different services from a highly professional beauty specialist. This app delivers such options for users: hair, massage, nails, fitness, spray tanning for woman and grooming services for men.

Uber-like beautician app for Android is an amazing opportunity for starting a successful business. So, if you decided to stand out among your competitors, contact us via email or phone call. Our specialists will provide you the best strategies and will make beauty on-demand app on a highly professional level.

Build an on-demand  app for beautician


The mobile application is an ideal business tool for marketing and advertising strategies, constant and high-quality sales of goods and services, as well as other tasks, through a single communication channel with many functions, which is always in the pocket of each of your clients.

If you want to develop a beautician app like Uber, you are on the right way because it is a 100% profitable idea for your startup. Just think about how many busy people are not able to plan and make time for a visit to a beauty salon. Thereby, the idea of on-demand beauty app could be the best option for them. In addition, it is a perfect option for professionals who want to earn extra money in their spare time.

After all, if you think about your customers and how to improve their lives, they will definitely come back to you again and again.

If you decided to uberify your business, contact us. Our professional team will help you to start an on-demand beauty app and will consult you on each step of project creation. We have huge similar work experience, so we know everything about how to create a beauty app like Uber.

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