And now we are ready to install Rubymotion. It is the easiest step: Just go to their website, choose the license type, download, and install it as a usual app.

After these steps you should be able to use motion command in your terminal, with similar output:

This command will help you to create new projects, update your Rubymotion, view your device logs, and will help with some other tasks.

However, in your projects, we will use another command, called rake

When calling it without arguments inside Rubymotion project, it will compile an app, and will launch it in your default iOS simulator.

Rake is a Ruby alternative for a "make" command. It has lots of other useful tasks, but we will learn them later when we will work on our very first app.

Congratulations, you are ready to write your first ruby app.

There are lots of awesome docs at Rubymotion website. They also have some example app at Github. It would be a good idea to check docs before creating your first app, because they have a lot of useful information.

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