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How much would it cost to develop an app similar to Airbnb?

Airbnb is a complex application that allows one group of users to find a place to stay, filter the results, book best items, and pay for them.

It also allows users to create their listings, and earn money renting it to travelers.

Both sides have lots of interesting settings and preferences that make the app easy to use, but also very customizable. Let's check how long would it take to create a similar app, and how much would it cost!

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Team with a mix of intermediate developers and seniors. Most experienced developers will help with architecture, optimization, and will guide others to help you make the best of your idea.

A team of senior developers. There is nothing they can't do. Expensive, but the result will be top notch, we guarantee it.



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Total price for an app similar to Airbnb () with a selected set of features would be around ${{calculateTotalCosts(airbnbEstimations)}}. Development itself would take {{calculateTotalHours(airbnbEstimations)}} hours (or around {{hoursToWeeks(calculateTotalHours(airbnbEstimations))}} weeks).

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