Hi there! My name is Kyrylo, and I'm a Rubymotion Developer here at Mova.

At this moment, it is not that easy to hire Rubymotion developers. Mostly because it is a relatively new technology, and also due to its distribution type - for a long time it was not possible to try Rubymotion without subscribing.

In September 2015, HipByte finally allowed developers to try Rubymotion for free with a Starter plan, and I believe lots of people will finally check this awesome tool. Ruby is a beautiful language, and we can finally use it to make iOS, OS X, tvOS, and Android apps.

I write this book to help our new teammates to transition from Objective-C and Swift into Rubymotion quicker and faster. Of course, it is possible to use Rubymotion just like you used Objective-C, but it is a good idea to try to make apps in a Rubymotion way, using all those available gems that will increase your productivity and code readability a lot.

I thought that it would be better to write a small book that would help convert Objective-C developer into a Rubymotion developer rather than spending days teaching them instead of doing my own job. And now I decided to publish it on our website as well - I hope other people will find it helpful too.

There are lots of books on Rubymotion development already, and even more about iOS development with Objective-C and Swift. However in this book, I would like to describe the way of development we practice here at Mova with all gems and libraries that we use.

I also tried to cover the basics so those beginners who are interested in iOS development would be able to try too.

Unfortunately, I'm not a teacher nor a writer, so the book may be not that good as you expect. If you see some mistakes (in the code or the text), or if you have some questions, please don't hesitate to write to me, or comment below.

Thanks a lot,


0. Getting Started

1. Fast Ruby Course

2. First Rubymotion App

3. Screens, Views, Layouts

4. Screen Containers

5. Screen Types

6. Notifications

7. Data Persistence

8. Geolocation

9. Networking

10. File System

11. Photos and Images

12. Social

13. Tests

14. Finishing Mood App

15. Outro