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LyvFit is a fitness app for iOS. The app is all about convenient and friendly personal training sessions. Users get 24/7 access to personal workouts. Check out how we built it.

Project Idea

The client came to us with a brilliant idea to build an app that allows people to work out with certified coached without going to the gym. LyvFit should have a list of workouts as well as personal trainers.

Users should have the ability to choose a workout or a coach, schedule a training session, and train muscles in the nearest gym They should also be able to pay for workouts and review trainers.

And there should also be an app for trainers. Trainer app should allow fitness trainers to sign up, verify their identity and skills, sell their services, and carry out personalized training sessions.

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quick facts

4 months
2 iOS developers
1 back-end developer
1 QA engineer
Fitness App
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Train anywhere and anytime

Precision-timed workouts and professional coaches

LyvFit goes wherever users go. Users can work out anywhere at a park, at a community gym, at home, at a backyard or at a hotel room. LyvFit trainers will come anywhere and anytime to carry out a training session.

There is a wide choice of workouts as well as coaches. And users can even book a session the same day. Booking a training session is easy as abc. Users need to choose a trainer, send a request, and train muscles. Users can pay for a single session or buy one of the available LyvFit plans without leaving the app.

All LyvFit trainers are certified and only highest-rated trainers are allowed to use the platform. Users can get superb training anywhere they go. LyvFit is a great help for people who often travel for business or leisure. They don’t have to stop working out while out of the city or country.

Project challenges

Target audience

The app is a great fit for anyone keeping fit and healthy. With LyvFit, users can train anytime and anywhere.


It took us 3 months to develop LyvFit apps including an app for trainers and app for users. We carefully analyzed the client’s requirements and built an easy-to-use fitness app.

LyvFit features a great style and brilliant interactive design. The app is loaded with robust features to help them keep to a healthy lifestyle.

Main features of the app

See how to keep fit with LyvFit

User profile

After registration, users get access to their personal profiles where they can schedule training sessions, rate coaches, share their achievements, and pay for workouts.


Here users can choose coaches and book training sessions with them. Also, LyvFit will notify users about upcoming training sessions.

Workout list

Users can choose what workout they’d like to have either personal training or a group one. A list of available training sessions can help users choose what training session to carry out.


Thanks to geolocation, users can easily find the nearest coach and schedule a training session not far from home, hotel or office.


Sport is about consistency. A few missed workouts and the perfect shape will be gone. Users get a notification about upcoming training sessions, new workouts, and new trainers.

List of coaches

LyvFit carefully picks up professional coaches based on user reviews and recommendations. With LyvFit, users get only top-quality and professional training sessions.

Tech stack
See what technologies we used to build LyvFit
Development Tools Testing Release
iOS Back-end
Ruby on Rails
Google Maps
Google Places API
Apple TestFlight
App Store


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