MenuPoint - Case Study of Development a Food and Drink Ordering App

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MenuPoint is a drink and food ordering app. Unlike any other food ordering app, MenuPoint allows ordering drinks while sitting in a bar or a restaurant. MenuPoint is a 3-piece system including an app for diners, an app for bartenders, and an app for bar managers.

Project idea

Though there are hundreds of food ordering and delivery apps, MenuPoint stands out of the crowd. The client came to our development team with the idea to build an on-demand food ordering app to use in restaurants and bars. MenuPoint should help waiters get orders and process them while bringing down holdover time.

Users should be able to send orders straight to the bar without waiters. And barkeepers should be notified when new orders come in. MenuPoint should streamline the work of bars and restaurants when they’re jammed full.

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quick facts

8 months
1 back-end developer
1 front-end developer
2 mobile developers
2 QA engineers
Food & Drink Ordering App

Get another round of drinks without cutting in lines

On-demand drink and food ordering app

MenuPoint is an out-of-the-ordinary food and drink ordering app as it allows to order drinks while sitting in a bar or restaurant. With MenuPoint, bar lines are getting shorter and customers are getting happier.

Users can order their favorite drinks and request bills in the app. The order will be automatically processed and delivered right to the table. Users can also track the status of the order - accepted, 1st in line, etc.

While customers can order drinks via MenuPoint, bartenders can receive orders and check the order history. When speaking about bar keeping, a web app can configure bar's preferences, manage bartenders, check statistics, edit menu, etc.

Project challenges

Target audience

The app is a great fit for bar lovers. MenuPoint has special age restrictions, so users under 17 cannot download and use the app.


Our skilled team worked day and night to develop an easy-to-use app for drink and food ordering. It took us 8 months to build and deliver a fully-functioning drink and food ordering system for iOS, Android, and Web.

Main features of the project

See how to order drinks in a few taps:

Check bar menu

MenuPoint has menus of all partner bars and restaurants. Users can browse them anytime they want to order something to drink.

Order drinks

Users can place orders without waiting for a waiter or a bartender. MenuPoint brings down the waiting time and adds up to customer loyalty.

Track orders

With MenuPoint, users can easily track their orders. Moreover, the app will notify users when their order is completed.

Request a bill

MenuPoint makes placing orders and paying for drinks a breeze. Users don’t need to wait for a bill, they can request it anytime.

Manage bar

A web app for bar managers eases the life of managers. MenuPoint can collect statistics, manage bartenders, edit menu, set bar preferences, etc.

Receive orders

Bartenders can receive orders in a few taps. Thus, MenuPoint allows taking and completing more orders.

Tech stack
See how we developed MenuPoint for our client
Development Tools Testing Release
iOS Android Web
Ionic/Phonegap Ionic/Phonegap Angular.js
Geolocation Services
Amazon AWS
Amazon S3
Apple TestFlight
App Store
Google Play Market
Apple TestFlight


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