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Mim is a video app where everyone can showcase their humor by creating and sharing funny six-seconds videos. It took us three months to bring our client’s idea to life. Check how we built it from the idea to a fully-functioning app.

Project Idea

When the first version of Mim as an iMessage extension got so many users, our client decided to make hay while the sun shines and develop a fully-functioning app for iOS and Android.

The client wanted to top up the app with video recording, video editing, and social sharing features. Mim should be more than just an app for creating short and funny videos. It should become a social sharing platform where anyone can share their funny 6-second videos and take part in weekly contests.

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quick facts

3 months
2 iOS Developers
1 Back-end Developer
1 QA Engineer
Photo & Video App

Shoot, customize & share 6-second funny videos

Easy-to-use video maker for hilarious GIFs

Mim is a gathering place for people who can’t live without witty and funny videos. The app isn’t just a powerful video editor for making funny GIFs, it’s a community where everyone can create and share hilarious GIFs. Stop searching for funny GIFs, create your own.

With Mim, everyone can become a GIF creator and share their hilarious videos with friends and like minded people. Record silent video, add video and sound effects - challenge your humor and compete with others to get the 1st prize.

Mim holds weekly themed contests that challenge every user to create funny videos and raise smiles. Every battle has a designated topic, prizes, and deadlines to meet. When users submit videos, it’s time for the poll. The user with the most upvotes takes home a prize and exclusive rights to be featured on the app’s feed for the following week. The best 10 GIFs get a “verified funny” status and move up in the feed.

Project challenges

Target audience

The app is designed for anyone with a great sense of humor and anyone who wants to create and share personalized GIFs.


We worked hard to develop an easy-to-use but catchy app with a unique and engaging experience. It took us 3 months to build and deliver a photo & video app for iOS.

Main features of the app

See how to create short videos with Mim

Recording videos

The app has access to both smartphone cameras to record short but GIPHY-worth videos.

Trimming and editing videos

Users can cut and trim videos to make them shorter and create funny GIFs. GIFs cannot be longer than six seconds.

Special video effects

With Mim, users can add text, filters, animated text and stickers to any video. There’s no limit for customizations.

Audio effects

There is a rich library of sounds and music to choose from and power up GIFs. A proper sound can make any video funnier.

User profile

A user profile is one of the central elements of the Mim app. Only registered users can take part in weekly themed contests.

Search and filter

Particular filters allow users to quickly find a GIF that best matches their emotions and feelings.


The feed is a news place. Users can scroll the feed for some new GIFs and videos that are taking part in the weekly contest. While scrolling the feed, users vote for the best GIF of the week.

Tech stack
See how the development team brought the project to life
Development Tools Testing Release
Swift Realm
Amazon Lambda
Amazon Cognito
Amazon S3
Apple TestFlight
App Store

what our users say

All though very new can’t wait to see what more is going to come from this.

Cielo Croci
App Store

Very funny bahaha! Great app!

mederick mediana
App Store

So glad I can create my own. I wish I could do more with the gif. Fonts and a timeline based editor would be great, like Facebook has.

Heidi Mau
App Store

A great app, easy to use and beautiful user interface, Excellent job guys.

Issa Sallam
App Store


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