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Android is the most popular mobile OS these days, and our Android development company will help you to surprise your Android users with a great application.

Our primary tools for Android development are Java and Kotlin. Native programming languages allow us to work with all device's core features seamlessly, create expressive and beautiful user interfaces, and provide the exceptional user experience.

Since 2012, our Android software development company helped to launch Android applications to numerous customers in the USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and other countries. Most of those apps were mentioned by TechCrunch, LifeHacker, LA Times, The Washington Post, 9to5Mac, and others. You can check some of them in our portfolio

If you would like to make a custom Android application, let us know. We will help you to define a technology stack that will work best for your type of application, develop back-end, front-end, and admin panel, provide quality assurance services, and will support the app after the release.

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Key areas of our android app development expertise


Mobile Consulting and Business Analysis

Our Android app development company has years of experience making successful applications, which were mentioned by the press, featured in App Store and Play Markets, and we are happy to share our experience with you and to help you make an even better product, that can be transformed into a sustainable and competitive business.

We launched lots of projects in the past, and we can help you to make sure that application will help you to achieve your goals. Our experts and engineers will help you to improve user experience, will find ways to increase user conversions, and find ways how to scale the project effectively.


Product development

Our developers always keep track of all new emerging technologies to make software faster, improve performance, and build an even better user interface. We write Android applications not only on Java but Kotlin as well. We prefer to leverage all the latest frameworks, libraries and APIs to increase the efficiency of our process, and to improve software quality.


Continious Improvement & Support

The key to a successful product is an iterative and continuous improvement. Before the release, all decisions are based mostly on previous experience in the best case. After the release, we select five main metrics that can help us track product success. We talk to the user and gather feedback.

When we have more real-life information, we can improve the application significantly. Decide which user feedback is vital. Find a metric that we can improve. Add all the changes to the app, make a new version, and start again!

What solution do you get with our android application development company

Custom Android Development has its specific features. Our engineers completed hundreds of projects successfully, and have more than enough experience to develop a beautiful and powerful Android application.

Android development services is not just about writing code. This is a complex and unique process that we are improving continuously to make applications better, help clients achieve their goals, and keep users happier:

Recent Android development solutions

You can always check more works in our awesome portfolio.

Full-cycle android app development process

Our Android app development services include all stages of the software development lifecycle:


Mobile Consulting and Business Analysis

This stage covers everything from idea research and validation to figuring the best technology stack and architecture. We will determine all the requirements, and will make sure that application will be able to achieve userโ€™s goals and meet stakeholderโ€™s requirements.


Prototyping and Design

Design stage takes all the initial requirements, and converts them into visual prototype. Depending on project, it can be simple wireframes that only show main elements on each screens, Or beautiful and detailed user interface designs that will be used during app development.


Application Development

Development stage is when the magic happens. We take the specifications and designs, and create a usable application.


Backend Integration

Except the actual mobile application, most products also have a back-end. Our web-developers will work on an API server and databases to make sure all users data will be always synchronized and safe.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a continuous process. Right from the beginning our testers will make sure that each new feature works as expected. There are many possible test types, from compatibility testing (making sure app works well across all the devices, and on all screen sizes) to stress testing (making sure that app will work well under different conditions, like on slow internet, on low battery, and so on).


Publishing to App Store

When application is developed and well tested, we are ready for the release. At this stage, Android application development company has to help clients to post the app to the store. It includes Store Listing creation, submitting the application for review, and making sure it passes it successfully.


Post-release support

Very important stage of development. After the release, lots of users will start using the app, and will find lots of ways to improve the app. It is important to find those that will not break it for other users, and only those that will bring a real value to the product


High Code Quality

All our developers are focused on writing clean code. We use the best techniques and practices to keep the code simpler, cleaner and shorter. It leaves a room for future development and reduces the risk of possible issues. We are always improving our skills to achieve higher levels of software quality.

Our goal is to help you make a successful business. Not just to release another app.

Let's be honest - it is better to have a long-term relationship, rather than looking for new clients after each project. We are trying to figure out how to make the application that users will love, and that will help you to generate more revenue and profit. In this case, we will be able to work together on new features, users' feedback, and much more.

Agile Development

We get together with a team and product owner to define features that have to be developed first. On sprint delivery, we analyze all the work done, make sure everything is correct, and we start a new iteration. Everyone single person is involved in a project, and the iterative approach allows us to build software with a higher quality.

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If you are interested in building an app but don't know where to start, feel free to visit our Process section.
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