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We started as a small iOS development company in 2012. Since then, mobile development services is our primary focus. We worked with Objective-C, Swift, Rubymotion. We have developed every possible type of app, from simple utility applications to complex social networks, from fun entertainment apps to b2b services with complicated business logic. Whether it is an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV app - we are here to help.

Since 2012, launched hundreds of successful and popular mobile products that were mentioned by Washington Post, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, LifeHacker, and others. Our applications were downloaded millions of times, and were featured in Apple and Google markets. They help over 1 million users to achieve their goals monthly.

We helped clients all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and other countries to build successful businesses.

To develop an iOS or Android app, describe to us your idea, and how you see the app. After estimation, we will offer you the best possible solutions and technologies.

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We work with these apple platforms

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Key areas of our ios app development expertise

Product design

The design is extremely important for iOS apps. Most users are looking for a beautiful solution, which integrates well into the whole Apple ecosystem, and works great on all possible devices. Our developers, as an Apple users themselves, understand it well, and we are all trying to exceed expectations of a user and a product owner here.

All our developers are interested in making a pixel-perfect application, and this is what we do here every single day. We make sure that user interface matches the design. We make sure that user experience is on the highest level, and when the user opens the app, he will want to do it over and over again, just to see this mesmerizing design again.

Product development

Our team consists only of highly skilled professionals who have at least three years of development on the iOS platform. We all wrote millions of lines of code, worked on many different projects, and implemented every single feature possible: from social feeds to messaging, from GPS tracking to payments, and much more. Whatever function you would like to develop - you can be confident that we already have previous experience with it, and we would be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Product development is a core of our iOS app development services. We prefer working in an iterative Agile environment, which allows us to build and deliver products faster, and with higher quality. The product owner is working tightly together with all the team, to make sure that everything is done according to technical specifications, and to make sure all sides understand everything that is going on under the hood.

Support & maintenance

Our iOS app development company is always interested in maintaining a product after the release, and it is is inlcuded in our application development service offering. This is one of the most critical stages of a product lifecycle: the application is ready, and it starts acquiring users. Our team will help you to make sure that everything works smooth, with a highest possible performance, and ready to grow fast with any number of users.

What solution do you get with our ios application development company

iOS apps are main passion of our iOS application development company. This is what we started our business with, and this is what we all love at We love making high quality iOS applications, deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, and to keep polishing the product to make it even more beautiful, simple, and powerful.

We love when our users say “Wow” when they use our applications, and this is one of our goals.

During all the years we worked as an iOS mobile app development company, we used all the possible libraries and frameworks. We are equally good at working with Core Data or Realm. We can easily help you to setup your own messaging server, or to integrate an existing third party solution.

Our iOS application development services include the whole software development lifecycle, from business analysis to product development, testing, and support after the release.

Recent ios development solutions

You can always check other mobile development solutions made by us in our impressive portfolio.

Full-cycle ios app development process

At, we provide iOS development services for all possible cycles of the application development:


1. Mobile Consulting and Business Analysis

Everything starts with an idea, including custom mobile app development. Just describe to us how you see your application, and it will be enough to start. Our experts will try to gather all the info needed for this application to work, so it will help your users to achieve their goals.

At this stage, we will need to gather a complete application specification - how it will work, what it will do, and which features it will have. We need to analyze all the basic needs of the application and make sure that it will be able to work according to the initial idea.


2. Wireframing, Prototyping, Design

If you already have a specification, or when we completed it together, we will need to make wireframes, that will help us to understand how the app will look like visually. It is a skeleton of the app which will be used by designers in the future. User interface without any design - just to understand which screens app will have, and which elements will be on each of them.

When we have wireframes, we can start working on designs. Basically, we already have all the screens, each has a defined purpose, and we need to make them look great. Even though it sounds easy, it is a tricky part - we need to make sure user interface design will be simple so that users won’t feel lost. We should think about every possible detail and every possible edge case here, so user’s experience will be top notch. In addition, we need to make sure that design will be possible to implement during smartphone app development stage.


3. Architecture

Before starting a phone app development process, we will need to figure out which technology stack should be used: programming languages and patterns, databases, third party services, and so on. In most cases, it is a good idea to start a new iOS project with Swift - it is a latest Apple’s programming language, and most of the libraries are written in it, which means they will be easier to integrate.

Which database to use depends on a project type. Some don’t need it at all. For others, we can use a simplest (but slowest) data storage. For bigger projects, we will need to decide what will work better. On a mobile, our main choices are fast and easy to use Realm, or Apple’s default Core Data.

Most of the projects will require many additional services. For example apps for apps that have payments, we will need to decide if it is better to go with native In-App Purchases, secure and well-known PayPal, or allow users to pay with credit cards using Stripe or Braintree.

If your app has messaging and calls, we will need to decide if it will be better to set up our own chat server, or we could use existing alternatives like Twilio.

All the projects are unique, and they all will need different approaches. Our team of professionals successfully releases tens of projects each year, and we have seen which method works better for each type of application.


4. Application Development

When we decided on architecture, mobile application development starts. We work in agile manner, which means we define a 2-week sprint with tasks that need to be done, and when done - we send an application to a customer for a test. When the sprint ends, customer and developers share their experience and feedback - which parts of the app work well, which needs to be improved, which problems were encountered, and so on.


5. Quality Assurance

And now we are almost release-ready. Good testing is one of the most important part of mobility application development. Our Quality Assurance team will help you to make sure application works as expected under different conditions and edge cases. Whether you prefer automated or manual testing - we’ve got it covered!

6. Post-release support

The fun part starts after the release. Real users begin providing feedback, and our job is to help improve the app accordingly. We never stop supporting the app after the release - we are the team interesting in continuous support. Whether you have a new feature or would like to improve an existing one - we are always here to help!


Native look and Feel

Our team, as Apple users, knows how important it is for an app to feel native, and to integrate well with Apple's ecosystem. When working on every new mobile development solution, we spend almost the same time on making the user interface look perfect as on business logic development. All our applications are compliant with Apple's guidelines and developed with best practices in mind.


We finished the hundreds of projects. Most of them were mentioned by the press. Others were featured in App Store and Play Store. Over a million people use our applications each month.

We know which technology will work better with your project. We know how to improve the user experience. We know how to increase user conversion. We worked on apps that grew from zero to hundreds of thousands of users, so we also know how to handle growth, and to make apps with a performance that can handle huge userbases.

And we would be happy to happy this knowledge with you.

You control the development process.

We work tightly together with the product owner to create a new impressive application. When we have a specification, we break all the features down into smaller tasks, and we decide which will be done first.

Every week product owners receive a new application version to test and to make sure we are moving in a right direction. We analyze work that has been done, and we always improve a current product in iterations.

You always see what we are working on at the moment; you know what will be done next, and what's left. We are flexible, and always open for a new input.

development process
If you are interested in building an app but don't know where to start, feel free to visit our Process section.

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