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Our team of experienced back-end and front-end developers is always ready to help you build a high-quality web application with the perfect user experience. Whether you are looking for a custom web application development services to create a shiny new app from scratch, or to maintain and enhance an existing project with thousands of users - our engineers, testers and product managers are ready to make everything to help your idea to become a successful business.

If you would like to develop a new project or would like to maintain an existing one - just let us know.

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What solution do you get with our web development company

Every project is unique, and before writing even one line of code, we need to figure out which tools and tech stack will work better for this particular product.

For web application development, our tools of choice are:

However, with our vast experience providing website development services, developing different projects on different technologies and services, we can work a vast variety of other stacks as well: Elixir and Phoenix, Go, PHP, you name it!

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Key areas of our mobile development expertise

Let's talk about some web development services where we feel strongest at:

Consulting and Business Analysis

The very first stage of the product life cycle will help us to understand if the future product will really help users to achieve their goals. Business Analysis will help us to know if it will be possible to make a sustainable business out of the given idea.

At this stage, our experienced architects and engineers will help to find the best technology stack that will help us to develop the product fast, write maintainable code, and develop the best possible user experience.

Web Development - Consulting

Web Development - Product Development

Product development

We are in web app development business for years, and we worked on every possible project type. From small utility apps to social networks, and from entertainment projects to complex b2b products.

We prefer to use Scrum / Agile methodologies during development. It means we work closely with Product Owner to define and prioritize system functionality, and to break down all the features into smaller tasks. Together, we choose a list of functions that we will work on during each sprint.

During the sprint, we develop all the selected features, test them, and when sprint is finished, we deliver the result to a customer. After delivery, all the tasks are analyzed and reprioritized, and the next sprint is selected.

This iterative approach helps us to deliver software fast and with higher quality and to keep all sides involved in the project.

Support & maintenance

Even when the application has been released to the store, our professional web development team does not stop working. Now we will start receiving feedback from real users. At this stage, it is essential to figure out which feedback will help the app to get better, and which feedback can be even harmful.

Besides, most of the projects need continuous maintenance, which helps to ensure that software will be able to run at peak performance, will not have security problems, and so on. During this stage developers are focused on addressing user’s issues, updating related libraries and services, and making sure that product will be able to handle its growth.

Web Development - Product Development

Featured projects & solutions

You can always check more works in our awesome portfolio.

Full-cycle web development process

Professional website development is not just about writing code. Every custom web application has a very long way from idea to release: business analysis, first prototype, designs, development, testing, and more. With mova.io you don't need to think about all of them. Our engineers will help you on any stage, whether you are just starting, and only have an idea in your head, or you are in the middle of development, or you are looking for somebody to maintain or scale an existing project.

Why mova.io

Result oriented

Our goal is to help to build a business that will make money. We don't want just to create another website. We are interested in making a product that will help you generate revenue, find ways to increase it, and support the project continuously. Both sides will benefit from it: the better your project does, the better we do as well.

We mix different technologies to achieve excellent results.

Even though we selected our main technologies, we use lots of additional tools to make apps faster, more reliable, and to improve performance. There are many use-cases where one technology will not be as suitable as another. And we are happy to help you choose the right tech stack for your project.

All Intelectual Property Rights belong to you.

All the code, assets and the final product belongs to a product owner. We have multiple contracts for different types of projects or various stages of collaboration. For most of the projects, we sign an NDA, which makes sure that information about your project will never be disclosed. Also, we sign a legal agreement, which states that all the intellectual rights belong to you.

development process
If you are interested in building an app but don't know where to start, feel free to visit our Process section.

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