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Mīm is a gathering place for funny people to create one of a kind video content. Our app challenges your humor and creativity by recording 6-second silent videos with the ability to add music and sound effects afterward.

Use mīm to:

  • Create and share a collection of hilarious GIFs
  • Add sound effects and voiceovers to your content
  • Compete with other users to win weekly prizes for the funniest GIF

Develop application for iOS and Android using “serverless” architecture with Amazon’s Lambda.

A user should be able to create an account, invite friends, post videos, and take part in weekly contests.

Video editor should allow the user to add animated texts, custom sounds, and more.

  • Mim
  • Mim

quick facts

our responsibilities
iOS Application
API Server
AWS Lambda
project duration
3 months
app store


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